I used to have a lot of goals that looked really good on paper like travel to 50+ countries, create a multi-million dollar business, bench press 200 lbs, star in a movie, and so on… But if I died tomorrow, I would not regret not doing any of these.

I went back to think slower about my goals and below is what I really want at my current life stage.

I want to:

This is my idea of a remarkable life.

The number 1 goal would be creating things (comedy, writing, experiences) that I pour my heart and soul into. I want to create things that only me, with my unique experiences and world view, can share with the world.

My hope is that my work can inspire people to think differently and live a life they are proud of.


We are brainwashed at birth to follow the scripts the world has set out for us. Go to college. Get a 9-5. Take a vacation once a year. Buy a home. Retire at 65.

The problem is that these scripts are NOT for everyone. People end up never questioning the scripts they are blindly following and continue to live unhappy lives.

I want to change that. I want people to open their eyes and show them what is actually possible with their lives, through art. Once people start changing their lives, the world can discover more of their authentic self, and that is where the best creations come from (Bo Burnham is a perfect example).

I am inspired by creators who have made wonderful things that have changed the way I think and live my life. If their existence could dramatically impact my life, I want my life to have the same impact for others.


I’m confident these goals will change as I move through different life stages. Many of my goals are selfish (i.e. I want everyone to like my shit and be inspired to change) and at my current life stage, I’m 100% OK with that. I want people to be more honest with themselves and each other, so here is me taking the lead.

If you can help me with my #goals (especially the wife part), please reach out: writetotampham@gmail.com

Now back to work.