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Bachata Library Notion Template

Introducing the Bachata Library – the ultimate system for remembering and mastering dance moves. 🤓

This is a system I've created to help me track everything I've learned and help me be more intentional + deliberate in my learning.

I shared a preview on my Instagram and people went bananas. 🍌

So I cleaned it up and created a Notion template for everyone to use for their dancing journey. If you're looking to improve as a bachata dancer, get the template below! ⬇️

👀 Here is a preview of what's inside the Bachata Library template!

Table view - this helps see all your moves in one place
Kanban board view - this helps see what you need to focus on
Example of how the top of the page will look like. 
A template that will automatically pop up every time you create a new move.

How I personally use my Bachata Library in Notion

Once you have the template, you can start adding your own moves. Here's a sneak peek of my current library of moves.

I love seeing all the moves I know in one spot with table view (first photo)

I can see all the moves in the Kanban view (2nd photo). The moves within the red box are the things that I need to focus on.

I usually pick 2-3 moves and make it a goal to practice them at least once in every dance. If I forget how to do the move, I can open the page to quickly see the video and review my notes. That's the beauty of a system like this.

Notion also makes this process pretty and fun. I can visually see each card move into the different phases as I master them. It makes me feel like I'm actually making progress. 😇

Some people scribble random stuff on Google docs or Apple Notes, which is what I used to do too. But once I created this system, I never looked back. It's beautiful, effective, and fun to add new moves.

I'd be honored if you tried it out for yourself. 😊

With gratitude,
Tam "bachata nerd" Pham

Love from dance friends 💜

Any questions? Message me on Instagram @tamphambachata – thanks! 💃