Be The One That Puts Out The Fire

“Oh, you need help carrying all those boxes in the office? Let me just hide in the restroom real quick.”

[10 minutes later]

“Oh shit! You’re done!? I’m so sorry, I took a really long shit. Had Mexican food for lunch earlier.”

You might laugh, but that’s a true story.

When things get tough, I try to dodge any responsibility. Until recently.

I made up my own quote,

“Be the one that puts out the fire”

Meaning that when you see a problem, YOU have to be the one that steps up and fix it. Which is why I strongly admire Brandon Knight. He plays for the NBA for the Phoenix Suns

If you look at his games, you’ll see Brandon hustle and fight for every play. Even if that means getting dunked on or making a fool of himself.

Here are a couple of notable plays where you can see Brandon get humiliated.

If you don’t watch much basketball, getting dunked on or crossed over in basketball is the worst. Imagine a 7 foot center with his nuts in your face standing above you as lay on the court. Wondering why you even attempted to block his shot.

One may point and laugh but I still have so much respect from Brandon.

If someone is about to get dunked on, most players (like James Harden) don’t even make an effort and get out of the way. They’ve given up before the play was over. These players don’t want to embarrass themselves, who does?

But Brandon doesn’t care. He plays with his heart and does what is best for his team.

Sure, Brandon might “not stand a chance” against these taller players. But HE was the man that was ready to put out the fire.

Knight was willing to step up and at least attempt to block the shot, which is highly admirable from a coach’s perspective. And his teammates.

It’s no surprise that Brandon has been playing well for the last few years, with many more successes than a few embarrassing plays. He might not get the block on these big guys today, but with this mentality and constant improvement, who knows what he can potentially do?

There’s going to be things in life that we don’t want to do, but we have to.

  • Fire an employee.
  • Cut off a bad friendship.
  • Or even take out the trash.

We need to get out of the mindset to constantly dodge problems and obstacles. Like how I used to. What I’ve learned is to be like Brandon Knight and take the challenge head on.

  • No excuses.
  • No procrastination.
  • No more running from your problems

The next time you see any potential fire, YOU have to be the hero that puts it out.

NO ONE is going to put it out for you.

I’m never a “you can do it!” inspirational kind of guy, but damn. We need more people with this mindset because society would be much better because of it.

There’s few people who has the courage to go in strong, give their best effort, and put the fire out. YOU have to be the few that actually steps up.

The world needs you.

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