My life in 10 seconds

I create things that inspire people to think differently and live a life they are proud of (my goals list). 😀

I run a site with Andrew Warner called Bot Academy and have built chat bots for Entrepreneur On Fire, Four Sigmatic, and Kettle & Fire. 🤖

I’ve built and managed online and in-person communities with Bot Academy, Mixergy, The Hustle, 500 Startups, Lean Startup, and under James Altucher. 💪

I wrote my 1st book to teach people how to network. I wrote my 2nd book to teach college students how to land their dream internship. 📚

I deeply resonate with these philosophies: Growth Mindset, Choose Yourself, Big Wins, Give and Take, Minimalism, Stoicism. 😎

This list of people have had the greatest impact on my life. ✊

Pole dancing, basketball, books, improv, stand-up comedy. 😄

Home base = San Francisco Bay Area. I live a nomadic lifestlye 🌏

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How To Land Your Dream Internship: Proven Step-By-Step System To Gain Real World Experience

“After landing six different internships and working at his college’s career center, Tam Pham is an expert at landing internships. This book easily trumps all internship advice I’ve ever seen. It’s a thorough A-Z guide to helping you start your career before you’re thrown into the real world.”

— Matt Tran, founder of Engineered Truth, YouTube Career channel with 200,000+ subscribers and 16,000,000+ video views.

How to Network: Build Instant Trust & Respect With Anyone You Meet

“If you want fresh, out-of-the-box networking advice for different scenarios without feeling like a fraudster, Tam is your man! If you want to authentically connect with people instead of sounding like a corporate drone, read this book. If you want to grow your network like like a bee hive, read this book AND apply Tam’s principles. If you are just looking to refresh your networking skills after a tough, fulfilling day, curl up in bed with this book.”

— 1 out of 90 positive reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 🌟

Chat Bots (Messenger Marketing)

Computer Geek: Learn how to make your life better behind a computer by the end of this week.

Fly Anywhere For FreeLearn how I fly for free everywhere I go with almost no effort.

Bot Academy: Learn how to market your product or service on Facebook Messenger.


Outside Of The Classroom PodcastI hosted a podcast to teach young people everything they need to know about life that school never teaches them. My guests included rock stars like Thomas Frank (College Info Geek), Charlie Hoehn (Author of Recession Proof Graduate), Ryan Porter (Author of Make Your Own Lunch), Blake Boles (Author of Better Than College), Matthew Kepnes (Nomadic Matt), Sierra Katow (Comedian), and more.

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Street Cred

Featured on: CNBC, Fortune Magazine, The Hustle, Kopywriting Kourse, College Info Geek, Degreed, Successful Dropout, Off-Trail Learning, Badass Marketers and Founders, Albert’s Job Listings and Referrals

Spoke at: Stanford University, Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, Draper University, UnCollege, AIESEC United States, Interact District 5170, Rotary International, San Jose City Council, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Summit




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