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I took my first bachata class as my 2019 New Year's resolution because partner dancing TERRIFIED me. But fast forward to today, I've danced all over the world, learned from the best teachers, and even became a teacher myself.

Bachata has given me so much meaning, community, and confidence to live my best life. I genuinely hope my products and content help you on your dance journey.

I love meeting new people so please say introduce yourself on Instagram @tamphambachata 🕺

Hola amigos, I just released an incredible training series to teach new dancers

1. EVERYTHING you need to get started dancing bachata, tonight
2. the most essential body movements you need for sensual bachata
3. how to effortlessly add more musicality and connection into your dance
4. my framework for mastering bachata, fast (aka don't make the same fatal mistakes that I did)

➡️ Watch the free training series here. ⬅️

Tam's Bachata Sabbatical

I quit my job to dance bachata for six months because, why not?? This trip took me all around the world from Mexico City, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, and Toronto. I became broke at the end of it... but I accelerated my learning and had unforgettable life experiences.

100% worth it.

I Took a Bachata Sabbatical For Six Months. It Was Awesome.
A recap of my bachata sabbatical where I ate, slept and breathed bachata for six months. This trip took me to Mexico City, Sevilla, Madrid, Barcelona, and Toronto. I’d do it all again if I could.

Dancing Bachata in Mexico City (CDMX)

I wrote about the best places to dance in CDMX and my experience living there as a nomad.

Top Places to Dance Salsa and Bachata in Mexico City (2023)
Here’s a list of the best salsa and bachata socials + classes in Mexico City (CDMX). Happy dancing. 💃
Learning Spanish, Making Friends, and Dancing Bachata in Mexico City 🇲🇽
My three-month trip to Mexico City was incredible. Here’s how I learned Spanish, made friends, and danced bachata around CDMX.

Dancing Bachata in Toronto, Canada

I wrote about my experience dancing in Toronto in the summer of 2023. Let me tell y'all, Toronto's sensual scene is getting 🔥

My experience dancing bachata in Toronto
The bachata scene in Toronto got a glow-up! This is my personal experience learning, teaching, and dancing sensual bachata in Toronto, Canada.

Next article ideas on my list

  1. How to be a pretty decent bachata dancer
  2. Top places to dance in Toronto

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