Tam Pham

Tam Pham

Heyo! I'm Tam. I'm a community builder, author, chess expert, salsa/bachata dancer and lifelong student. 🤓

I write essays to help people better answer big life questions like “How do I live a more meaningful life?”

Born in San Jose, CA and now living in Toronto, Canada. 🇨🇦

Here's what I'm up to right now. ✌️

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A meaningful life to me is a life where I am doing three main things:

Do things that scare you

I love the thrill of doing something that terrifies me.

I’ve tried stand-up comedy, improv, pole dance, Muay Thai, youth speaking and so much more.

These experiences are not only exhilarating but more importantly, they give me rich opportunities to develop my character.

To lean into my fears. To be courageous. To be patient.

To work hard. To deal with failure. To enjoy the process.

Every time I lean into doing the “difficult” thing, I feel so alive!!

It’s never easy. But I’d choose a life of struggle and suffering over a life of comfort, any day of the week.

Human connection ❤️

I felt incredibly isolated after I dropped out of university.

Friends my age didn't understand me. Business friends that I've met were mainly mentors and colleagues. It was rare to have people who understood my unconventional journey with that I could truly relate with.

It took me four years of going out to meet people, moving to new cities, and making friends online to finally meet people who shared the same values as me.

When I die, I couldn't care less about my accomplishments on Earth.

What I do care about are all of the amazing experiences and special moments shared between my friends and family.

From the big travel adventures and holidays. To the small in-between moments like eating my mom's delicious bowl of pho or a bike ride with some friends.

I'm grateful to now be surrounded by an abundance of loving and kind group of friends and mentors. 😇

A big passion of mine (and part of my professional work) is to help others find their people.

I believe everyone deserves to feel seen, loved, and a sense of belonging to a community.

Help others live a meaningful life

Your version of a meaningful life will probably not look identical to mine.

So what does it look like? 🤔

Taking time to reflect and ask yourself the hard questions is invaluable:

  • What are my core values?
  • What is my definition of happiness and success?
  • What kind of people do I want to surround myself with?
  • How do I pursue a meaningful life in a capitalistic world?
  • Am I living a life true to myself and not the life others expect of me?

Once you understand who you are and what you want, you live life with more purpose and energy.

For me, I have a deep desire to live life to my fullest potential and help others discover what they want for their journey.

This process is never easy and is always evolving. You can track my progress from my yearly reflections: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.

If you’re new here, I recommend you start with these articles:

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  5. What Should We Do When It's Too Expensive to Live?

Thanks for being here. I hope I can be of service in your journey. Say hi to me on Twitter. 😁

So what do you do for work, Tam?

Oh you’re still here! Well, I had quite an unconventional career path.

After dropping out at 19, I knew the only way to learn about business was to work with real business owners.

With hard work, grit, and a lot of luck, I had the opportunity to apprentice under several entrepreneurs I've admired with my mission to learn everything I could.

During these years, I slept on couches, made close to no money, and worked a little bit too much.

However, I did learn and accomplish many things that I am very proud of! The key highlights include:

  • Starting The Hustle's ambassador program that accounted for a third of their growth in the early days (and counting).
  • Growing Bot Academy from zero to a 7-figure education business with Andrew Warner (founder of Mixergy).
  • Consulting for brands like Intelligent Change, Kettle & Fire, FourSigmatic, 500 Startups, Intelligent Change and several New York Times bestselling authors around digital marketing.

I was most recently the Integrator (like a Director of Operations) for MMT, a highly curated group of entrepreneurs, working alongside with Jayson Gaignard, an expert in building community and designing experiences.

I hosted several high-touch gatherings a month for entrepreneurs in Toronto, designed, facilitated BrainTrusts (our year-long mastermind groups with impact stories like these), and hired/onboarded/managed a new team to recreate our entire business model that was severely impacted by the pandemic.

It was a lot of fun. 🤓

This podcast interview I did on Backstage Careers does a great job outlining my journey.

I'm currently a writer for Hustle Fund VC, a part-time Spanish teacher, and consult with businesses on strategy, marketing, and community building. If you are interested in potentially working together, shoot me an email at tampham@hey.com.

I write a monthly email called, Tam's Jam, where I share my new essays and the best resources on the web to live a more meaningful and interesting. Enter your email below and I'll send the next issue!