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Taboo Cards

Download my template of Taboo Cards and play virtually with your friends on Zoom.

Heyo! 👋

Here is the link to my template and 100+ Taboo cards.

Click File => Make a copy to save your own.

I hope you enjoy! 😄

How to host Taboo Online on Zoom with your friends

1. Once your friends are in the Zoom room, assign all participants to join two random Breakout rooms.

Tell them that they have 60 seconds to come up with a team name. Then rename themselves on Zoom with their name plus their new team name.

"Kelly Wentworth - Hunahpu"

When it is Kelly's turn to give clues to their team, everyone on Zoom with "Hunahpu" in their name is going to guess the words.

2. Give everyone access to the Google Slides presentation but tell everyone to minimize the window to not cheat.

If it's Kelly's turn, she opens up the Google Slides presentation and starts to give clues to her team.

The host will keep track of time and have an airhorn ready to blow if they hear a taboo word. This means the host is not actively playing on a team but instead, keeping score, tracking time, and looking for taboo words.

If you want the host to play on a team, they can still be responsible for the timer, and everyone else has to be responsible for their own mistakes.

3. Once Kelly is finished, she tells the next person what slide she left off at, and minimizes her window. The next person to go will open the presentation, find that slide number, and continue.

I didn't think this would work well but to my surprise, everything went so smoothly, and we were able to get through all the cards!

If you want the taboo template, enter your email below, and you will get it right away.

Have a great time playing Taboo online! 😄