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My Experience Living with Long COVID in My Twenties

I tested positive on Jan 3, 2022. Two weeks of symptoms: fever, chills, coughing. Everything went away which seemed normal. But why was I feeling exhausted all the time? Why did I still have massive amounts of brain fog? Oh shoot. I may have long COVID.

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How To Support A Friend Who Is Suffering From The Pandemic

I want to show up for my loved ones during tough times but I never knew exactly how to help. After my research, I learned how surprisingly simple it was to have a big impact on a friend who is suffering. Here is everything I learned with practical tools to help you support the people you love.

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How to Have Deep and Meaningful Relationships When You Can't See Anyone In-Person

By the end of 2020, I surprisingly felt connected with. my friends and even closer to my family. This is everything I did and learned on building community during a pandemic.