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Thank you!! #Pho

Thank you!! #Pho

Thank you so much for supporting the blog. This has been a passion project of mine for nearly 10 years and has helped thousands of people live a more meaningful and interesting life.

I spend around $500/yr on software costs alone to keep the blog running smoothly. Your contribution will go towards making the blog accessible for readers like yourself who care about living intentionally.

As I promised, you will get all the benefits in "Gift me a boba tea" plus...

  1. A shoutout on my Donation page (with a link to your website/social) – please email me your name and link (optional) at
  2. Audiobook and e-book of my most popular book, How to Network! (available below)
  3. Discounts on future books and courses that I will create 👍

Thank you again for supporting my work. I really appreciate it! 🙏

How to Network: Build Instant Trust & Respect With Anyone You Meet