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What I'm up to now ✌️

The purpose of the page is to share what I'm up to and working on currently (aim to update every few months). This page was last updated on Sept 8, 2023.

  1. I just spent the summer in Toronto and finished hosting Hustlers' Retreat in the Bay Area. Now I'm in LA with fam to reset. Next, I'll be in Guadalajara, Puerto Escondido (solo retreat), and México City until the end of the year. 🇲🇽
  2. I recently launched Bachata Library, a system that I've used to help me track and remember all the cool dance moves I want to learn. If you want to improve your bachata skills, start here. 🤓
  3. My main focus for the rest of the year will be (a) launching a new and improved Bachata Libary 2.0 (b) getting healthy again, I really slipped here 😅 (c) continuing to hone my craft in Bachata.

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