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What I Learned About Business From Ramit Sethi's Conference

My detailed notes from Ramit Sethi's Forefront Conference on rewriting your story, happiness, and determining why people why from you.

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Should You Drop Out Of College To Start a Business?

For me, this was a clear yes, even though I completely failed. But for most people, I'd recommend staying in college. Should you drop out?

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Don't Quit Your Job If You Want To Start a New Business

Don't quit your job. Minimize your risk and have space in your life to test your assumptions before making any drastic change. Here's what I mean.

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How To Explain To Your Parents Why You Want To Drop Out of College

Here is the exact plan you should come into the conversation so they can best understand where you're coming from.

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How A Broke Graduate Apprenticed Under Bestselling Authors Ramit Sethi, Seth Godin, and Tim Ferriss

My book summary of Charlie Hoehn's amazing book, Recession-Proof Graduate. I used this framework to get my foot in the door when I started my career. The secret is free work.

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How Michelle Phan Became An "Overnight Success"

How Entrepreneur and YouTuber Michelle Phan gained fame and success over her 10+ year journey.