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Three Creative Ways To Deepen Your Relationships

Three creative ways that I use frequently to connect with awesome people and build my network.

Tam Pham
Tam Pham
3 min read

Send Voice Memos

When was the last time you received a voice memo? Probably never. Once if you’re lucky. A voice memo is an audio message you can send through email, text, or even Facebook. A few times a week, I send voice memos out instead of actually typing the message because

  1. It’s easier than typing
  2. It’s much more personable
  3. It’s unique & memorable

Without fail, everyone reacts so positively to it.

“Wow, I never had a voice memo sent to me like this before.”
“This is so cool! I didn’t even know you could do that!”
“This is such a sweet message, loved the voice memo touch. Glad to finally hear your voice again.”

Next time you send a message, voice it out! Tell them how grateful you are, or how excited you are to see them, or just reply back to their message. They will notice.

Gift Books

My friend Brian and his roommate Kumar let me crash at their place in SF for one night before going to a business conference. Before I went to their place, I picked up two copies of my favorite book, Choose Yourself: Guide To Wealth, and wrapped it up for them. Before I left, I placed the gifts on their desks with a little note saying why that book has totally impacted my life.

A day later, I get a voice message from Kumar (where I got idea #1 from) saying how appreciative he was for the book. Kumar told me how far he was into the book and how he has already found it to be beneficial to his own business. And that he’s going to steal my idea about giving books as gifts.

Books are so much more meaningful than a Starbucks gift card. Books carry so much value and information to truly change someone’s life and when you give a book that is dear to your heart, you are essentially giving them a part of what made you, you.

Give books as gifts. You will be remembered, valued, and appreciated.

Acknowledge Their Work

When you see people doing big things, notice them!

Send them a message saying how inspired you are by their work. Share their accomplishment, blog post, or YouTube video on your social networks. Acknowledge and support them in any way that you can.

People remember who supports them and one act of kindness can go a long way :)

Bonus: Connect them with relevant people

Say that you know someone who want to start their own business and someone else who designs website. Connect the two people together saying.

"Ray, I know that you need a website for your new business. I have a friend that does a stellar job in web design, want me to connect you two?"

It’s as easy as that.

I recently connected Ryan Porter (Entrepreneur & Speaker) and my friend Heath Padgett (Famous Blogger) and BAM, they’re now friends and even collaborated for a guest post!

I also connected my friend Steve Roller (Copywriter) & Leonard Kim (Quora Top Writer & Author) and BAM, they’re now connected and learning from each other.

Although I get no “immediate ROI”, I’m helping out my friends and they will forever remember me for it. When it comes to networking, it is all about giving and providing value for others.

If you like what you’ve read, you can dive into my philosophy on meeting amazing people in my new book, How To Network: Build Instant Trust & Respect With Anyone You Meet.


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I'm a writer and bachata dancer currently bouncing around Latin America. Trying to make the most out of my one wild and precious life.

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