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⚡️Tam’s Jam: Most people won’t (Sept 2022)

Tam Pham
Tam Pham
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⚡️Tam’s Jam: Most people won’t (Sept 2022)

Heyo from Sevilla, Spain! I’m back with this month’s issue of Tam’s Jam: my curated collection of resources and lessons around living a meaningful life.

Welcome to all the new people who have joined recently! My custom Taboo cards and my article, What Should We Do When It's Too Expensive to Live?, has picked up a tiny bit of SEO. 😀

In this issue: a recap of my CDMX trip, a wheel for your feelings, quiet quitting, the practice of surrender, discovering Mr. Beast and more.

Learning Spanish, Making Friends, and Dancing Bachata in Mexico City 🇲🇽

I just finished spending three months in Mexico City and loved every moment of it.

This is a recap of my time there with recommendations for learning Spanish, making friends, and dancing bachata and salsa in CDMX.

There's also an important note on traveling (anywhere) with intention. Your intention. 🛫

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  • 💜 Feelings Wheel - Do you struggle with identifying how you feel at any given moment? Or know someone who feels strongly about something but can't communicate it? One resource I used when I used to facilitate mastermind groups was asking each participant to share a one-word emotion before we started every meeting. Feel free to save and refer back to this whenever you need!

  • 🔎 Search TeamMy life coach, Melissa Wong, sponsored last month's issue of Tam's Jam and I wanted to share her program again for those who missed it. Search Team is a new program for creative-minded job seekers who are looking to find a career that lights them up, utilizes their gifts, and pays them well. If you’re having a hard time finding clarity or stability in your job search or are just feeling lonely and burnt out with it, check out Melissa’s new program.

  • 🖥 Remote OK – This job site has a large database of remote-friendly jobs. Their newest feature is adding a filter called "async" where you can look for specific jobs that require no meetings. Pretty rad.

  • 🐑 Unbound Merino – My friend and supporter of this blog created an amazing clothing brand called Unbound Merino. I've been using their products (all made out of merino wool) to travel light throughout my travels to Mexico, Greece, and now Spain. Use my link to shop for your next trip and support the blog. Or use the non-affiliate link here.

  • 🦆 Ultimate Brain for NotionMy friend Thomas Frank (YouTuber with 2.4 mil subs) spent the last few years testing Notion to organize his life. He recently launched a template that helps anyone get started on Notion. I watched his video walkthrough of the system and it looks absolutely insane. And incredible. It's a bit too much for me but I wanted to share it in case you're into being hyper-organized with your workflows integrated with your personal life.

  • 🛩 Global Entry – Getting Global Entry has arguably been one of the best investments I've made. It saves me at least an hour every time I go through customs. And all hours aren't equal. Imagine arriving back home after a long flight and having to wait an extra hour on top of that. GE is so advanced now that I go into a separate line, show my face to the machine, and walk through customs in less than a minute. The cost was $75 for 5 years when I applied. You can see the program to see if you qualify and what it costs today.

What I’m reading/watching

  • 🙅 It’s Time to Stop Living the American Scam (NYT - Article) – "Enough with the busywork already. We’ve been “productive” enough — produced way too much, in fact. And there is too much that urgently needs to be done: a republic to salvage, a civilization to reimagine and its infrastructure to reinvent, innumerable species to save, a world to restore and millions who are impoverished, imprisoned, illiterate, sick or starving. All while we waste our time at work."

  • 😌 Practicing surrender amidst the demands of modern life (Substack - Article) – A fantastic article on the author's personal experience with his spiritual growth. More specifically around the concept of surrender, a topic that I've been exploring for myself lately. This piece does a great job balancing the spiritual with the practical: how to actually apply these learnings in real life.  

  • 📹 How Mr. Beast Became Successful on YouTube (YouTube) – I have been living under a rock and only recently discovered who Mr. Beast was. I listened to his full interview with Joe Rogan and I have to say, this kid is one of the most intelligent, humble, and down-to-earth creators I have ever seen. Incredibly devoted to his craft, donates millions of dollars to charity, and has a fun time with his friends in the process. Bravo. 👏

  • 🍜 How to build an audience with no product (Article - Hustle Fund) – Some of you know that I have a new writing gig with Hustle Fund where I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and angel investors make better decisions. It's not super relevant to my blog's purpose, living a more meaningful life, but this piece above is for anyone here who has aspirations to be a creator. I'm also proud of my piece, Make friends, not contacts, for those looking to build a stronger network.

  • 😯 Most People Won't (Article - Medium) — If you need a kick in your butt to take a leap, this will be your pep talk.

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I'm a writer and bachata dancer currently bouncing around Latin America. Trying to make the most out of my one wild and precious life.

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