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10 year anniversary of my blog + one important update

This blog has changed a ton over the years. But I'm returning back to my original Blogspot roots.

Tam Pham
Tam Pham
3 min read
10 year anniversary of my blog + one important update

I published my first blog post 10 years ago back when Blogspot was cool.

I took an Intro to Philosophy summer class and had my entire reality shifted.
Some of these stereotypes would probably get me canceled today lol

It gives me so much cringe to read the older stuff I've written. But props to younger Tam for saying what he believes in.

Now, this blog has evolved a ton. I covered my personal life, networking, career advice, business, self-improvement, and recently crafting a meaningful life.

But my motivations and curiosities have changed over the last decade. Moving forward, I decided my little corner of the internet won’t have any niche. I want to go back to the original roots that I had writing on my little Blogspot.

So for the time being, this site will be purely about the life experiences and ramblings of Tam Pham.

I’ll write whatever I feel like, whenever I want, with no goal of turning this blog into a business.

You know, like how blogging used to be back in 2013.

Changing this mindset has made me feel happier, lighter, and actually more motivated to write.

I invite you to follow along on my adventures, learnings, and reflections as I experience life. Or don’t–you can unsubscribe at any time.

Life is short — make the most of your one wild and precious life.

💋 has a new glow-up

Thank you to everyone who has ever donated to support my labor of love. I used some of the money to upgrade from the free themes I’d been using.

The blog posts on the site look so much cleaner and easier to read. This theme has a beautiful blog page to see everything I’ve ever written in one place.

I’ve updated my /about and /now pages. I removed /books because I’ve outgrown the author title (more details on why that is on my /about page).

Some people see beauty in a beautiful painting, a lovely song, or an organized kitchen. I see beauty in a pleasant reading experience.

Now my blog finally has some more charm. Thank you, kind donors!! ☺️

New post: Top Places to Dance Salsa and Bachata in Mexico City

I’m currently in Mexico City for the next two months truly living my best life.

I’m speaking Spanish and dancing bachata every day. If you plan to visit, I compiled a list of my favorite dance events. Bailamos pronto! 💃

Top Places to Dance Salsa and Bachata in Mexico City (2023)
Here’s a list of the best salsa and bachata socials + classes in Mexico City (CDMX). Happy dancing. 💃

Since being back here, I’m surprisingly active on Instagram given how travelers and dancers are all on there. To follow my stories, find me @tamphambachata.

Coming soon: Living life in "chunks"

I'm publishing a new post on how I think about living life in "chunks." Coming sometime in April. Stay tuned! 🥳

If this blog is no longer interesting/relevant to you, you can unsubscribe below at any time. I wish you the best on your journey. ❤️

If you're still here, thanks for sticking around. More to come muy pronto.

-Tam "glow-up" Pham


Tam Pham Twitter

I'm a writer and bachata dancer currently bouncing around Latin America. Trying to make the most out of my one wild and precious life.

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